Meet the Sparkling Bookworms

The Sparkling Bookworms team was created in August 2019 when after having several friends join the team, Jenn named the team The Sparkling Bookworms. Origami Owl is all about the sparkles and Jenn is all about the books!

Jennifer Pitney

Jenn is a wife of almost 20 years and a mom to a 15 year old high school sophomore. She joined Origami Owl August 1, 2018 after falling in love with being able to tell a story through the Living Lockets. As a former teacher who taught three different levels of writing (elementary, high and college), she knows the value of a good story.

Jenn can not live without books. Seriously, there is not a single day that goes by that she doesn’t read something. Thus, why the team is named Bookworms.

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Elisha McGee

Elisha is a lover of all things happy, colorful & pretty. She lives with her husband & daughter, Roo, on their little personal zoo. Most days you’ll find her rocking a mom bun, with a cup of coffee, a cute goat or pup & thousands of her closest friends nearby in her phone.

Elisha joined O2 at the end of 2019 after falling in love with all of the pretty little things. The potential to serve herself, her family & others is a major driving force behind her heart for this business & her team.

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Mary Berg

Mary loves to travel, but as a single mom to two little ones, her biggest adventures these days are heading to Target (mandatory coffee in hand) to explore each aisle and end cap. And to satisfy the wanderlust, she creates her own virtual adventure to “wear”-ever in the world she wants!

Mary joined O2 in August 2019 for the love of jewelry and being able to customize it all with the symbols that hold special meaning for all of life’s adventures. “Wear” in the World will the adventure take you?

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Lisa Donde

Lisa is a huge fan of anything pink, especially if it sparkles! She lives with her husband of almost 5 years, and is very sentimental about her keepsakes. She loves surrounding herself and her home with memories of all her special life events.

Lisa joined O2 at the start of 2020 when she couldn’t resist the amazing sparkle deals. She fell in love with O2 when she realized she could carry all her memories with her always and never have to choose just one.

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Alicia Salas

Alicia is a mama and wife, a true boy mom who loves to spend time playing games and having a good laugh with her two boys and husband. She took a leap and became a WAHM in September of 2019 and has loved being home for family dinners, activities and working around her family’s schedule. She is a competitor at heart and is always up for a good challenge or an opportunity to beat her husband at a game.

She joined O2 because of the community she found while following along with Jennifer. She has also loved how all of the charms can represent so many moments and things that she loves and wants to share that her friends, family and ladies she meets along the way.

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Angela Reed

Angela loves all things crafty, a good book, old TV shows and musicals. She lives with her husband of 5 years, their young daughter and dog Pupcake.

She joined O2 in May 2020 after falling in love with all the pretty sparkly things.

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Jansie Martin

Jansie is a bit of a workaholic. She works full time as a Billing and Contracts Accountant for the State of Texas, owns a Balloon Decor Business, is Mom to Valouria, age 7 and wife to Mark. She lives in the amazing city of Austin, Texas.

She had to get on the Origami Owl train in May of 2020 because she fell in love with the product and noticed that wherever she went, she always got compliments and interested persons wondering about her Living Lockets. She is thrilled to be a part of this amazing team!

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Amber M Lee

Amber is married to her high-school sweetheart and mom to three littles under 6. She has a fierce passion for her faith, her family, and herself.
She resides in Central Texas on 25 acres with her family. She loves all things purple, planners, jewelry, reading (especially harry potter), bible studies and recently started a fun wellness journey that is rapidly changing her life.

She joined O2 after her bestie, Elisha, encouraged her to finally be on the same team again. The deal couldn’t have been sweeter for Amber to join in May 2020.

Amber’s a natural story-teller and loves blogging and writing, so it was a perfect fit for her to express herself and tell her story with jewelry.

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Shanda Mitchell

Shanda is a huge Disney fan! Lives with her husband and three beautiful children 19,16 and 12. Shanda is a scrapbooker for 20 years and has been a momento keeper her whole life. When O2 announced that Disney had partnered with them there was no way she was missing out on being part of the adventure!

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