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    7 Exciting Games to Play in Facebook Parties

    Whether you’re with a party-plan direct sales business or not, you most likely are planning Facebook parties to make up for some lost sales from vendor events that are no longer happening. But it takes time to come up with a party script and a theme. And then there’s games… I love playing games with my group. I have quite a few in my repertoire that regularly use. While I never use all of them during one party, I do like to use a few and mix them up. Let’s take a look at seven of them I use and how to create and play them. 1. Guessing Games Much…

  • 5 Tips for a Sensational Facebook Party
    Facebook Parties,  Tips

    5 Tips for a Sensational Facebook Party

    You’re working your business like the social boss you are and book a Facebook party with a friend. You might have had parties in the past and they weren’t the best. Maybe you’ve never had a Facebook party. Well, here are five tips to help you plan and have a fabulous Facebook party. Party Tip #1: Have a Theme My number one tip for having a fabulous Facebook Party is to set a theme. It helps you in so many ways to set a theme. Planning is so much easier with a theme. It’s easier to get excitement up for a party. So much goodness exists within a theme party.…