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Origami Owl’s Virtual Connections Kit in April 2021

It’s April and maybe you’re doing some spring cleaning. With tossing out the old, you want to add some new. Yet, there comes the issue of money. Why not make some money by joining Origami Owl in April 2021 with the Virtual Connections kit? With two new collections- the New Basics and Mother’s Day- I’m sure your wishlist is a mile long. So why not save some money and get it at a discount?

By Joining Origami Owl in April 2021, you’ll get 20-40% off retail right away and if you share the products with your friends and family, you can make some money as well. You can do that by joining with the Origami Owl Virtual Connections Kit.

The Origami Owl Virtual Connections Kit

The Origami Owl Virtual Connections Kit costs $49 and nets you over $80 retail value of jewelry and business supplies.


You get a jewelry credit of $50 (and remember you’ll get the pieces at wholesale prices so you’ll get more for that $50 credit than you would just buying $50 in retail) and an exclusive designer charm.

Business Tools

You get a pack of 4 take out menus (our name for catalogs) as well as 10% off your first order of business cards. 

• FREE Standard Shipping on first jewelry order** 
• FREE Personal eCommerce website for you to run your business 
• FREE Trial of our state-of-the-art My O2 Connection app with custom, shareable content!*** 
• FREE Marketing emails + other digital marketing support sent to your customers on your behalf when they opt-in. 
• FREE Designer Back Office (includes business tracking + training) 
• FREE On-demand business + personal development training 
• FREE Participation in the You Matter Rewards Program with the opportunity to redeem points for a variety of items, including Apple® products, home goods, fitness products, vacations and more!

Why the Sparkling Bookworms team?

A question you might be asking yourself is why sign up under Jenn’s Sparkling Bookworms team? I’m here to help you meet your goals, whatever they might be. Whether you just want to get the discount for yourself or you want to make this business your part or full time job, I’m here to assist you. I offer my team individual Zoom coaching calls, team Zoom calls twice a month, graphics packs, and tips and trainings on creating their own brand and how to market our customizable jewelry to their unique ideal client. Did I forget to mention our team blog that we’re still working on? Come join us! Want to learn more? join us in our group- the Sparkle Haven. We would love to see you there. 

Joining Origami Owl with the Virtual Connections Kit in April 2021, Origami Owl starter kits

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