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Origami Owl’s new Spring Collection is here!

Spring has sprung! Well, on the Origami Owl website, at least – even if there is snow outside of my house right now. Our Spring Collection is here. From charms to earrings, bracelets to lockets and chains, and even gift sets, we are sure to have something for the people in your life. 

So let’s take a look at some of the new pretties found on the website.

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The Spring Collection Charms

Origami Owl Spring Collection, Origami Owl Charms

When you’re creating a locket for Spring, charms are a must. The Spring charms that are now available are:
Royal Shimmer Swarovski Crystal Stardust Pack
Jet Hematite Swarovski Crystal Stardust Pack
Gold Pave “Love” Charm
Pansy Charm
Koi Fish Charm
Heart of the Earth Charm
Motorcycle Charm
Olive Branch Charm
Silver + Gold Two Piece Cross Charm
Bright Pink Mini Rose Charm
Copper Mule Mug Charm
“Sisters” Charm
Purple Sparkly Butterfly
Rose Gold Infinity Heart Charm
Rose Gold Wings with Crystals Charm
Pink Lotus Charm
Silver Daisy Charm
Black Crystal Dog Bone Charm

Need to see what any of these charms would look like together? I would love to help with that. 

The Spring Collection Lockets 

Origami Owl Spring Collection, Origami Owl Lockets

Just in time for Spring, Origami Owl has introduced two new lockets and a new capsule locket. There’s one in each metal color so no excuses!

Gold Padlock Living Locket Necklace with Swarovski Crystals 20-22″
Large Rose Gold Twist Living Locket Base + Face with Swarovski Crystals

Silver + Gold Oval Mustard Seed Capsule Locket Necklace 18-20″

Which is your favorite metal?


Origami Owl Spring Collection, Origami Owl Earrings

Four new pair of earrings are now available as part of the Spring Collection. These make perfect gifts, just saying…

Silver Clara Stud Earrings with Royal Red Delite Swarovski Crystal
Gold Mystic Square Drop Earrings with Light Topaz Shimmer Swarovski Crystal
Rose Gold Double Teardrop Earrings with Crystals
Silver Pave Paw Drop Earrings with Crystals

Do you prefer stud or drop earrings?

Watches, Bracelets, Window Shelves, Inscriptions

Origami Owl Spring Collection, Origami Owl Watch, Origami Owl bracelet, Origami Owl window plate, Origami Owl Inscriptions

So many extras are included in this collection. We have a window shelf (Y’all, I think of Pac-Man every time I see it), a dog bone Inscription piece where you can have your dog’s name inscribed!, a mustard seed faith bolo bracelet and a NEW gold Storyteller watch!

Silver Two-Piece Window Shelf with Crystals
Silver Dog Bone Inscriptions Pendant
Silver “Faith” Mustard Seed Capsule Bolo Bracelet
Storyteller Gold Living Locket Watch with Swarovski Crystals + Stainless Steel Mesh Band


Origami Owl Spring Collection, Origami Owl Chains

There are four new chains (or a chain and three necklaces really) in the Spring Collection. 

For those who prefer the simple, the 18-20″ Rose Gold Dainty Fancy Cable Chain is perfect.

For those of faith who like a clean look, the 16-19″ Silver Pave Cross Chain would fit them well.

Then those who love the beaded look are sure to love one of the two new beaded chains. 

32″ Silver Double Layer Beaded Chain

32″ Gold Double Layer Beaded Chain

Gift Sets

Origami Owl Spring Collection, Origami Owl Gift Sets

But maybe you don’t want to have to go through all of the matching and trying to figure out what to choose. Well, there are three gift sets with this collection and they even offer a discount!

Large Rose Gold Twist Living Locket + Drop Earrings Gift Set 18-20″
Silver + Gold Mustard Seed Capsule Locket + Bolo Bracelet Gift Set
Gold Padlock Living Locket Necklace + Drop Earrings Gift Set 20-22″

Have a question? Contact me. I’m always available to help.

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