5 Tips for a Sensational Facebook Party
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5 Tips for a Sensational Facebook Party

You’re working your business like the social boss you are and book a Facebook party with a friend. You might have had parties in the past and they weren’t the best. Maybe you’ve never had a Facebook party. Well, here are five tips to help you plan and have a fabulous Facebook party.

Facebook Party Tip #1: Have a theme
Facebook Party Tip #1: Have a theme

Party Tip #1: Have a Theme

My number one tip for having a fabulous Facebook Party is to set a theme. It helps you in so many ways to set a theme. Planning is so much easier with a theme. It’s easier to get excitement up for a party. So much goodness exists within a theme party.

How to Set a Theme

There are three questions you should answer in helping you decide on a theme.
1) Any exciting events happening close to the time of the party? Wedding, anniversary, holiday, birthday?
2) Any special collections available that could fit a possible theme? Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Bridal, etc.
3) What do you like to talk about? Books, movies, TV shows?

Possible Themes

Some themes I’ve used in the past include:

  • Christmas Sweater
  • Mary Poppins
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Halloween
  • Harry Potter
  • Back to School
  • Welcome Summer
  • Outlander
  • Friends
  • Star Wars
  • 80s
  • St Patricks Day
Facebook Party Tip #2: Coach Your Hostess

Party Tip #2: Coach Your Hostess

Maybe you’re a newbie. Maybe you’ve been doing Facebook parties a long time. But the first thing you need to find out about your hostess is if she’s ever hosted a Facebook party before. Chances are she might not have or maybe she has, but she wasn’t coached on how to be a good hostess.

Remember throwing the party isn’t her job; it is yours. She might balk at the coaching; “I thought you said this was easy.” So make the pieces manageable and be sure to show her the value by explaining what she’ll get out of every step.

I recommend setting up a hostess coaching sequence. I have a script that lays out day by day what I send to my hostess starting a week before the party. I developed my sequence as a result of the Hostess Coaching video course from my favorite social media coach Brenda Ster that I took. I highly recommend the course!

Facebook Party Tip #3: Individual Invitations

Party Tip #3: Individual Invitations

When coaching your hostess, the most important thing to stress to her is that no one wants to get an invitation to a Facebook party without a message. Don’t go inviting 100 or more people. Make it exclusive. Make it individual. I always give my hostess a sample script they can send out to the list of people that they create as one of my first hostess coaching tasks. Make it have the feel of an in home party as much as possible. Just without the pesky cleanup.

Facebook Party Tip #4: Play Games

Party Tip #4: Play Games

One of the most important parts of a Facebook party is playing games. It’s a great way to get your audience interested and engaged. There are a variety of games you can play, from Bingo (with your products as the 25 options) to Clue (a mystery for your guests to solve) to Scavenger Hunt (where you provide five items that they must take a picture of together) to Create-a-Word (like Boggle where you create as many words as you can). What’s your favorite game you’ve played?

Facebook Party Tip #5: Consider it a First Date

Party Tip #5: Consider it a First Date

I know it sounds strange: a party as a first date. But bear with me here. You’re going on a first date. Do you tell your date your entire life history all at once in that date? Of course not. Just like going on a first date, you don’t want to reveal every little detail about your products. You want to leave a little mystery. Give them a reason to come join your group so they can learn more. Find products that fit your theme and share those, while telling your audience that they can learn more in other places, like your group or your Facebook page.

Do you have a favorite tip? Feel free to share below.

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