Join Origami Owl in January 2020

Join Origami Owl in January 2020

2020 is the year of O2- Origami Owl. There are three starter kits (learn more about all three here!) that you can choose to join Origami Owl with, but because it’s our year, Origami Owl has a fabulous deal for all those who join using the $49 On-The-Go Starter kit. What’s that incredible deal, you ask? Read on, my friend. 

On The Go Starter Kit

Normally, using the On-The-Go starter kit to join Origami Owl, you get the designer charm, $100 jewelry product credit, take out menus, free website, free back office, free trial of our O2 connection app, free marketing emails and more. 

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BUT this month only, you get not $100, not even $200, but $220 of product credit! (do you get it? 220 for 2020?) What a great deal! That’s huge value for your money. For only $49, you get over 200 dollars of wholesale product. And you get the discount thereafter. 

Why the Sparkling Bookworms team?

A question you might be asking yourself is why sign up under Jenn’s Sparkling Bookworms team? I’m here to help you meet your goals, whatever they might be. Whether you just want to get the discount for yourself or you want to make this business your full time job, I’m here to assist you. I offer my team personal Zoom calls, graphics packs, and tips and trainings on creating their own brand and how to market our customizable jewelry to their unique ideal client. We also have this team blog to help our team with marketing. Come join us!

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