• 5 Tips for a Sensational Facebook Party
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    5 Tips for a Sensational Facebook Party

    You’re working your business like the social boss you are and book a Facebook party with a friend. You might have had parties in the past and they weren’t the best. Maybe you’ve never had a Facebook party. Well, here are five tips to help you plan and have a fabulous Facebook party. Party Tip #1: Have a Theme My number one tip for having a fabulous Facebook Party is to set a theme. It helps you in so many ways to set a theme. Planning is so much easier with a theme. It’s easier to get excitement up for a party. So much goodness exists within a theme party.…

  • Join Origami Owl in January 2020

    Join Origami Owl in January 2020

    2020 is the year of O2- Origami Owl. There are three starter kits (learn more about all three here!) that you can choose to join Origami Owl with, but because it’s our year, Origami Owl has a fabulous deal for all those who join using the $49 On-The-Go Starter kit. What’s that incredible deal, you ask? Read on, my friend.  On The Go Starter Kit Normally, using the On-The-Go starter kit to join Origami Owl, you get the designer charm, $100 jewelry product credit, take out menus, free website, free back office, free trial of our O2 connection app, free marketing emails and more.  BUT this month only, you get…

  • Join Origami Owl

    3 Kits to Join Origami Owl

    Update: These kits are no longer available. Want to learn more about what is? Head over to this post to learn all about the three new kits available: New kits In the month of January of 2020, there are three kits that you can purchase to join Origami Owl. One is our January 2020 On-The-Go Kit. Two are DIY kits. Let’s take a look at the details of each. January 2020 On-The-Go Kit to join Origami Owl In this kit, for the month of January ONLY*, you can get the following A designer charm $220 Jewelry Credit* ($290 CAD) Take Out Menus (catalogs- a pack of 4) 10% off first…